"Won't you be my neighbor?"

speaker series

9:00am-Speaker in the Fellowship Hall or online on Holmeswood's Facebook Page and YouTube Page

10:15am-Speaker and Worship

We are inviting some significant leaders in Kansas City, who are engaged in the work of a greater good, to talk about their work during a 3-week speaker series.  They will also discuss how you can participate in their work.  

January 23: "Housing Crisis in KC" by City Manager Brian Platt

January 30: "Tenants' Right to Counsel" by Councilwoman Andrea Bough

February 6: "Re-Entry Court" by US District Judge Stephen Bough, Dion Sankar of the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, and DeJ'on Slaughter of Turner Construction

Further reading:

Housing Crisis in KC

1. https://thebeacon.media/stories/2021/06/28/kansas-city-affordable-housing-crisis/

Tenants' Right to Counsel

1. https://thebeacon.media/stories/2021/12/17/kansas-city-right-to-counsel/

2. https://fedcommunities.org/eviction-moratorium-tenant-counsel-rights/

Re-Entry Court

1. www.mow.uscourts.gov/reentry-court