Our beliefs

The traditions of the Baptist faith shape much of our identity. We resonate with the formal doctrine of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. These hallmarks include: 

The Autonomy of the Local Church

We value our freedom as a church to determine our own path. 

The Priesthood of the Believer

We believe each believer has the freedom under God to shape and form their own beliefs according to their own conscience. Disagreements over nuances of faith statements exist in any congregation. On many subjects, we agree to disagree and find common ground where we can. 

Religious Liberty

It is a distinctive Baptist contribution to religion in this country that all persons of faith, Christian or non-Christian, regardless of denomination or creed, should be protected from government intrusion, and vice-versa. 

Democratic Church Governance

We embrace an organization system that allows for generous input from many church members. The congregation votes on matters of business and serves as the final word on any given issue. 

Every Member is a Minister

We believe every member has gifts to minister in various ways. While we do employ a ministerial team that gives leadership to programs and ministries, we believe that every member is needed to do ministry in our community. We find joy in helping believers discover their gifts and then offer opportunities for those gifts to be activated. 

The Lordship of Christ

At the heart of our congregation is the belief that Jesus Christ was born and lived a sinless life; we believe Christ died and was resurrected on the third day so that we might have peace with God. 

The Bible as our Guide

The Scriptures are our guide for faith and practice. We preach and teach from the Scriptures and seek to incorporate its teachings into every aspect of our daily lives. 

Ecumenical Inclusion

In addition, we are ecumenical in nature, meaning we find richness and friendships with many non-Baptist groups who share the name, "Christian". We find that our understanding of faith is deepened by others who are seeking to discover God's will.