Small groups

Small Groups are called BFGs (Bible Fellowship Groups) at Holmeswood. They are the heart of our church community, small groups that share in life together 7 days a week. Connecting with Worship, our small groups provide space to go deeper and build trusted friendships.

We are currently meeting in person and online, and ALL classes are open to visitors. See the list (below) to find a group to try. If you have any questions or would like assistance in finding a small group, please contact Michael Huerter.

  • Want to try out a group?

    Our BFGs are open to everyone, and each group has its own identity. Here is a list of current BFGs with times and locations. If you have any questions about a group or for suggestions on one to try, please email Michael Huerter.

  • For BFG (Small Group) Leaders:

  • Formation Council

    The Formation Council provides partnership and support for our BFGs and other Small Groups, as well as guidance for the spiritual formation aspect of Holmeswood's faith community. They meet regularly and offer opportunities for learning, growing and connecting in our individual and collective faith. If you are looking to join a BFG (or other small group), would like a suggestion for a book or podcast, or would just like to find out more about growing in your faith, please reach out to us.

    2023-2024 Members:

    • Erin McDaniel, Chair
    • Lora Lau
    • Nancy Campbell
    • Rod Crites
    • Pat Tennison