Church App

Have you ever searched high and low for a church friend's phone number or email and couldn't find it? Our Holmeswood app for smartphones/devices can help! Here is how to add and use it:

Step 1

Email to request your Login Username & Password (this is for security, to ensure you are a part of the church community).

  • After you are set up, you'll receive an email.
  • Once you are logged in, you can change your password on the Account tab.

Step 2
Download the free "Fellowship One Go" app from your carrier's app store; the app icon is a grey square with the word GO in the middle.

Step 3

Open your app and login:

  • Replace the word "Domain" with "Holmeswood"
  • Login: Firstname.Lastname
  • Password: [In email]

Step 4
Once you're logged in, look around! You can edit your information, view the church directory (click on "Individuals," then type in the first letters of a person's first or last name; then click on their profile), add a profile photo of yourself. Only church members and regular attendees have access to this directory, and it is password protected for your safety. You can choose how much/little of your information is able to be viewed.
  • If you are a BFG leader or Deacon, you have extra features to take attendance and send group texts/emails. Please contact Debbie if you are not able to access these features.

We hope you enjoy using this wonderful digital option for us to Connect!

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