All church retreat

Make plans to attend our All Church Retreat from September 6-8, 2019. Read below for more information!

Jesus gives us only one command in the Gospel according to John: “To love one another as I have loved you.” We can imagine him standing close to us saying, “Just love. It’s that simple.” To an extent, it is simple. Then the questions start coming: How do we love others? Do we really have to love everyone? Is love a feeling or an action? How does Jesus love us? Time after time, we see that Jesus’ love is a justice-minded love. It is an active love. He entrusts the good news of God’s love with the least likely people in his culture: women, Samaritans, and tax collectors. He highlights and values the people that society often pushes to the margins: children, the poor, the sick, the elderly, and women.


Using our theme verse of John 15:12-13, Just Love: Connecting with God, Self, Church & Community is a retreat where we’ll dig into these wonderings, questions, and more. Through breakout sessions, large group gatherings, Worship, and free time, we’ll connect more fully with God, ourselves, our church family, and learn how to love our community outside of the church walls. There will be time and space for spiritual formation and to disconnect from technology. We will eat together, go on hikes together, make smores together, and laugh together. You will get to know your church family on a deeper level and leave with ideas of how to love our larger community in Kansas City and beyond. Coming home, you will be refreshed and renewed to simply love and love justly.

This Retreat is designed for ALL ages. Click here to download the information and registration form.